"Therapeutic massage is an excellent compliment to chiropractic care. Many patients have experienced greater levels of wellness and pain relief. The staff at The Muscle Therapy Center adds a touch of class to our atmosphere and enhances the center's professionalism ..."

George T. Foedisch, B.S.D.C.
Director of Foedisch Chiropractic Health Center
“Six years ago my children gave me a gift certificate for a Reflexology Foot Massage with Marytheresa. After an incredible massage she and I talked about the overall muscle and joint pain that I was experiencing at the time and my use of over the counter pain relievers to relieve the pain.  She recommended that I try massage to get the pain under control.  I started going every two weeks and slowly I started experiencing relief.  It was life changing for me.  I no longer have the extreme pain that I dealt with every day and no longer rely on Ibuprofen to feel better.

I still go every two weeks for a massage. I stay very healthy and my visits to my General Practitioner have decreased.  In addition, about a year and half ago I was diagnosed with two frozen shoulders. With regular Physical Therapy and massage I have regained full range of motion of both of my shoulders.“

Karen S.
"I have been coming to The Muscle Therapy Center for three years. Through the years, I have received full-body massages, as well as localized reflexology treatments to alleviate the pain and discomfort I suffer from Peripheral Neuropathy.

Marytheresa Vogler is highly educated and her skilled hands easily locate and release my muscle knots, as well as sooth my body allowing me to leave the office feeling totally rejuvenated.  No matter how stressed, tired or sore I am when I arrive to the Center, I always leave feeling physically relaxed and emotionally centered.

I am thrilled to have The Muscle Therapy Center located so close to my home and so accessible to myself, my family and friends."

Jeanne Dagna, Ed.D
As strange as it sounds, I've had back problems for much of my life. I started physical therapy at CHOP when I was 7, and I've gone to different professionals multiple times since.

The most recent of these was last summer, when my shoulder, back, and neck problems were heightened by the number of hours I was playing cello.

At that point, my physical therapist recommended to my mom that I should start to see a muscle therapist to help with the tension in my shoulders and neck.

We followed up on it, and ever since I've been regularly attending sessions to help my muscles. If this wasn't recommended to me, I would probably be in terrible pain right now.

Instead, I've been able to increase the number of hours I play cello each day, and my visits to The Muscle Therapy Center have been less frequent due to my progress.

I would recommend muscle therapy to anyone who experiences muscle pain and tension consistently, and I would like to thank the Muscle Therapy Center for keeping
me in great playing shape. 

Addie Olsen, age 16
Aspiring Cellist
In the spring of 2013 I fell and damaged my shoulder. Many visits to the doctor and physical therapist later, I still had no relief nor a full conclusion of what was wrong. My Mother recommended that I visit The Muscle Therapy Center, because of her own experience. The rest is history. After many months of working with Marytheresa I regained full rotation and strength of my shoulder.

I am very impressed by the professionalism and the personal care that Marytheresa and her staff have to offer. Each time I arrive the room is prepared specifically for me and an evaluation of my wellbeing and physical issues are taken into consideration before we start.

I came for the shoulder – I continue to visit weekly for my overall well-being and sanity.

Pam Brunner
The Muscle Therapy Center is an important part of the way we take care of our health. We are active people, and our monthly appointments with Marytheresa help keep us moving and pain-free. We’ve been with her since she bought the practice, and we continue our appointments with her even though we have moved into Philadelphia. We’ve also happily referred a number of our friends and family to her. Marytheresa is a talented, intelligent and intuitive therapist who happens to be a wonderful person as well.

Lynn & Brooks I.
"Chronic and unexplained muscle pain caused me to seek help from therapeutic massage at The Muscle Therapy Center over eight years ago. The benefits to my health and wellness have been extraordinary in combatting symptoms of chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. Each massage I’ve received has been careful, measured and well-crafted to pinpoint pain relief. Marytheresa is an expert listener and practitioner – a necessary combination for superior therapeutic massage.

My husband has also greatly benefited from therapeutic massage at The Muscle Therapy Center and Marytheresa continues to help him overcome pain from herniated discs in his low back.
Our best wishes for continued success for Marytheresa Vogler and the Staff at The Muscle Therapy Center."

Shelley & Mark Kemp
Harleysville, PA
"Joni and Friends Greater Philadelphia is so grateful for the Muscle Therapy Center. We have a long history of serving together. For the last eight years they have sent a massage therapist to our Caregiver Day of Pampering.  This is a day for moms and wives who care for a family member affected by disability.  The 100+  deserving ladies who attend receive free spa services throughout the day.  We are grateful that we can always count on the Muscle Therapy Center to work with us in the massage area.

This year they are expanding their partnership with us by also offering the gift of massage at one week of our Family Retreats for families affected by disability.  It is a joy to work with Marytheresa and all of her therapists."

Joan Borton
Program Manager, Greater Philadelphia
Joni and Friends International Disability Center